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September 9, 2001


Belgium: EU eyes international force to observe in Macedonia

The European Union moved toward broad agreement Saturday that an international force will be needed to protect civilian observers in Macedonia after NATO's 4,500-member brigade pulls out later this month.

"We cannot purely and simply leave" Macedonia to its own devices after NATO's mandate to collect weapons from ethnic Albanian rebels ends Sept. 26, French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine told reporters.

The Macedonian government invited NATO to send troops to collect weapons from the rebels under a peace agreement signed last month.

NATO insists, however, that after its 30-day mission ends it will not undertake a new one. Many fear that without an international military presence the security situation in Macedonia will disintegrate.

Ukraine: Slaying victims go home

Grieving relatives of a Ukrainian mother and son slain in a California massacre met the bodies Saturday when they arrived for burial.

Lyubov Soltys and her 3-year-old son Sergei were among people killed last month, allegedly by her husband, Nikolay Soltys.

Fighting back tears, Lyubov Soltys' father, Ihor Nakonechnyi, and her two brothers took the coffins to their hometown of Shumsk in the western Ukrainian region of Ternopil, 200 miles from Kiev.

Nikolay Soltys, 27, is charged in California with seven murders.

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