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Voice of history

September 8, 2001


To the editor:

I am writing in support of Steven Jansen, director of the Douglas County Museum. No one in Lawrence or Douglas County has given more their "own" time, energy, and love to heralding the history of our great community. Steve Jansen is the "voice of our community's heritage." Nearly every school child in Lawrence has heard him and been infected with his enthusiasm for our community's history the good and the bad.

Who could possibly replace him? And, more important, why would we want anyone else? I, along with many, many others cannot imagine our community without this man's wonderful voice and ambassadorship.

What on earth were the leaders of the Douglas County Museum thinking of by proposing to cut his salary by 25 percent and so shabbily giving him no advance notice? Is that any way to treat someone after 25 years of devoted service to our community?

Dean Palos,


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