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Transportation vs. roads

September 8, 2001


KDOT is a misleading title as they only focus on highways to solve transportation problems. As far as they are concerned, it is a highway program rather than a transportation program, and I feel it is in danger of becoming a special purpose, a single-shot solution to problems that are much bigger than just highways.

Perhaps KDOT is using highways to solve problems of the movement of people and goods that might better be solved by other means of transportation such as high speed trains between Topeka, Lawrence and Kansas City. Riding passenger trains will also improve social capital. Europe and Japan have had high-speed trains for many years. Why can't we do the same?

One of these days our politicians will realize that oil is a finite resource and they should not wait to see the end of the road before switching to more energy efficient transportation systems.

Lester C. Marsh,


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