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September 8, 2001


Shake down the thunder

Regis Philbin, the host of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" has turned down a billionaire's invitation to attend the weekend's biggest college football game.

Philbin declined an offer from stock market investor Warren Buffett to attend the Notre Dame-Nebraska game in Lincoln because he had to tape an episode of the game show.

"I told Warren I'd take a pass on the 'Millionaire' show if he'd give me a couple of stock tips," Philbin said. "That ended that conversation right there."

A 1953 Notre Dame graduate and fervent Fighting Irish fan, Philbin aired Thursday's episode of his talk show, "Live! With Regis and Kelly," from the South Bend, Ind., campus. Philbin picked No. 17 Notre Dame to upset fifth-ranked Nebraska 24-21.

Time to eat out

Chef Emeril Lagasse likes to man the stove both on and off the set of his television shows.

"I do 98 percent of the cooking at home," says Lagasse, who has apartments in New York, Las Vegas and Orlando, Fla., but calls New Orleans his home.

The family meals he prepares are simple, such as meatballs and barbecue ribs. And when he goes out to a restaurant, he's more likely to be at a neighborhood joint "owned by the little guys" than a fancy four-star restaurant owned by his food-industry friends.

Lagasse says his days off will be "far and few between" until his new NBC sitcom "Emeril" which debuts Sept. 18 and his Food Network shows are done taping around Christmas.

Imagine all the drawings

Thirteen drawings by John Lennon went on public display for the first time as part of a new exhibition to highlight the former Beatle's artistic talent.

The sketches, on loan by Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, are part of a larger display at a London gallery of 150 images created by Lennon between 1968 and 1980.

"The pictures show John's love for his family and attitude toward everyday life," said exhibition organizer Jonathan Poole.

The exhibition's main attraction is a sketch, "Multiple Self Portrait." Other sketches show Lennon and his wife's famous "bed-in" when they spent a week in bed in 1969 in a public appeal for world harmony.

Another sketch, "I'm One of Your Biggest Fans," depicts Lennon chatting to a female fan on a New York street. It was drawn a year before Lennon was fatally shot outside his New York City apartment.

Surviving a parachute jump

The winner of "Survivor: The Australian Outback" has logged another adventure: her first tandem parachute jump.

Tina Wesson, winner of the $1 million prize on the CBS show, was a guest Wednesday of the Army's Golden Knights parachute demonstration team.

Wesson and her instructor, who was strapped to her back, had about 30 seconds of free fall before the parachute opened at 5,000 feet.

"It went so quickly, I didn't have enough time to think about it," she said. "The rush of wind was so fast, I could hardly breathe."

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