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Embezzlement investigation completed

September 8, 2001


Douglas County Dist. Atty. Christine Kenney now must decide whether to file charges in the case.

Officers have been investigating the alleged embezzlement since Aug. 10, when Sharon Markham, director of business operations for KUAC, filed a police report saying someone falsified entertainment vouchers.

The same day, Scott McMichael, director of the Williams Educational Fund, resigned, citing "personal and family reasons." KUAC officials won't say if the resignation was linked to the investigation.

Lt. Schuyler Bailey said officers -- with the aid of KU auditors -- on Thursday finished examining entertainment vouchers from the past year. They presented their findings to the District Attorney's office Friday.

"We gave them enough data they can start looking at whether they want to file charges," he said.

Bailey said investigators haven't determined how much money was taken, but he said there is only one suspect. He wouldn't say who it is.

Bailey said it's possible that charges could be based on the documents from the last year, then more charges could later be added after investigators look at more documents. He said police haven't decided how many years of documents must be reviewed to complete the investigation.

Kenney confirmed her office received the reports but said she hadn't begun to review them. She said she didn't know when she would decide if charges are warranted.

"I don't even want to speculate on that until I look at the reports," she said.

Doug Vance, a KUAC spokesman, declined to comment.

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