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Disgustingly fine

September 8, 2001


"I mean, doesn't it get boring day after day going on camera and predicting that the weather for tonight, tomorrow and the next week will be 'nice'?" the observer asked.

Come to think of it, there isn't a lot of challenge for such a calling. The San Diego region is normally pleasant in so many ways, has a rainfall of less than 15 inches a year and is without the snow and cold we back in Kansas recognize as part of our being. Almost invariably, a weatherman in San Diego can get away with "nice" and be right.

But there are such performers who cleverly use imagination to liven up their jobs, and justify their salaries and benefits. A San Diego resident recently chuckled, during a visit to our region, that his favorite TV weatherman is inventive to say the least. Each evening, he singles out the worst weather in the nation, features it, complete with film, then deftly points out how great it is to be able to conclude with, "and again, things around here are going to be nice, real nice."

The San Diego manipulators haven't had much trouble of late finding bad examples of the weather, not with hurricane problems in some parts, drenching rain causing floods in others and forest fires endangering acreage, property and life and limb in so many locales. Of course, when the domestic scene is too tranquil, they can always choose international sites such as Sicily with its Mount Etna eruptions or even Hawaii with its Kilauea threats on the Big Island.

All this, of course, should leave all of us in the Sunflower State and its environs quite pleased. Sure, we've had our heat, lack of rain at the right time, insect and varmint difficulties, and there is plenty of "stuff" in the air to cause allergy problems. But for the most part, we've had a pretty "nice" year and certainly have not been beset with all the serious troubles of others.

We haven't had a long string of 100-degree-and-up readings as we had during a brutal 1981. Most of us would time the rainfall better than it has been. But as for heat, the worst probably is over, the moisture level for the year is pretty good and it won't be long before we probably will be treated to some of those wondrous autumn conditions that many of us treasure and recall so fondly.

Our weather people generally don't need to look elsewhere for bad conditions to remind us how fortunate we are at the time. Dame Nature deals us enough caprices and quirks that they are the main story rather than something bad happening elsewhere.

But there also are a lot of occasions when they can report things are "nice." We just might be entering one of those marvelous fall periods like that.

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