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Bad decision

September 7, 2001


To the editor:

The August 30 issue of the Lawrence Journal World printed a national article on the increasing problem of alcohol use among college students, and the fact that 95 percent of parents of college students in this country are concerned about excessive drinking on campus. A national TV news broadcast the same day stated that alcohol consumption among college students has become a "national health crisis."

The next day, officials from Kansas University announced the university now will allow alcohol consumption at tailgating parties for three hours prior to football games on the campus of this state-supported school of higher education.

I have little doubt that everyone will be on their best behavior during a short trial period, with no reports of excessive rowdiness, violence, or drunken driving. But not reported in the years to come will be the long-term effects of a university sanctioned program that conveys to children and young college students that drinking alcohol is necessary if you are to have fun at a "party," and that alcohol consumption is a major part of athletic events. The actions of the university are, indeed, disappointing.

Ruth Ann Guess,


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