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Raiders hope to extend three-game sizz vs. Chiefs

September 6, 2001


— Even though players come and go and the coaching staffs never stay the same for long, it's still the Raiders-Chiefs.

The second game these two proud franchises ever played, in 1960, they played against each other. Their all-time record is Kansas City 42 wins, Oakland 40, ties two. Both teams have gone through stretches where they were dominant. Going back to the outset of the Carl Peterson/Marty Schottenheimer era for the Chiefs, Kansas City is 12-4.

But the Raiders, who come into Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday for the season opener, like to think they've started a dominant stretch of their own by winning the last three.

A victory Sunday would give the Raiders their first three-game winning streak in Arrowhead Stadium since 1976-78.

"We certainly respect this rivalry but we aren't going to rely on anything that happened in the past to help us now," Oakland coach Jon Gruden said. "They have a lot of new players in key positions, but so do we."

For the Raiders, new faces in prominent places will include wide receiver Jerry Rice, running back Charlie Garner and pass-rusher Trace Armstrong.

At the same time, this is far from the Kansas City team that quarterback Rich Gannon recalls from his days with the Chiefs in 1995-98.

Quarterback Trent Green, running back Priest Holmes, rookie wide receiver Marvin "Snoop" Minnis and punter Dan Stryzinski are all brand new, among others.

"It's quite a bit different than when I was there," said Gannon. "New coaches, new quarterback. (Cornerback) Dale Carter is no longer there. Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith. Since I've left, they've made some gradual progressions, younger players starting to develop like (safety) Greg Wesley, (cornerback) Eric Warfield young players who have come to life."

Left cornerback Ray Crockett, a former Denver Bronco, is the most experienced newcomer on defense for the Chiefs.

"We have added a lot of new players to the team," said Warfield. "They help a lot. But yet, the guys we have here have played against the Raiders, like Ray Crockett. They know what to expect.

"But yes, it is a big rivalry. And being swept by them last year, it makes it that much more intense for us to give our best and have a victory in the home opener."

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