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Psychic’ Georgia lawmaker has vision of Chandra Levy

September 6, 2001


— The spirit of Chandra Levy ventured into the Georgia legislature's special redistricting session this week when a lawmaker hinted to her colleagues that she had had a psychic vision of the missing woman.

"I want you to know that I can prophesy. I can communicate with the dead," state Rep. Dorothy Pelote, a Democrat, said Tuesday while standing at the podium of the House, delivering the daily devotional message.

"The last person who visited me was I don't know if I need to call her name. Maybe I should not, because it's a controversial death now. She's missing. You know who I'm talking about. She has visited me. She has."

After leaving the podium, Pelote confirmed she was talking about Levy, the 24-year-old missing intern whose disappearance last April has sparked a national scandal because of her links to U.S. Rep. Gary Condit of California.

"She really didn't say anything. I saw her. She came," Pelote said in an interview. "When I saw her, she was lying in a ditch and her eyes was closed. She was in a wooded area in a ditch."

Pelote offered no other details of her vision.

She told her House colleagues that her psychic experiences began in her childhood after she was brought back from near death in an accidental drowning. She had a vision of a bright fireball turning in the sky.

Later, she said, she had visions of the dead.

"And the older I get, the stronger it becomes," she said.

Pelote described a recent visitation from a woman who died by violence.

"I have never seen her in life on this earth, but she visited me," Pelote said. "And I was so upset I called around to find her family. ... Well, this person, deceased, wanted me to know what had happened to her, and the family wanted me to come and communicate with detectives."

Pelote said the experience was so disturbing to her and her family that she declined.

The lawmaker, a retired teacher from Savannah, has served in the House since 1992. She is a former county commissioner and belongs to the African Methodist Episcopal Church. She said her spiritual gift may or may not be part of church tradition, but she believes it is real.

Pelote is one of numerous House members who have been called by Speaker Tom Murphy to bring the daily devotional during the current special session.

Murphy said didn't hear Pelote's remarks very clearly and didn't have an opinion about them.

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