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Museum future

September 6, 2001


To the editor:

It was heartening to read the article about the Watkins Community Museum of History in the Labor Day edition of the Journal-World.

Hats off to the two members of the museum's advisory board who spoke out about the fact that they, along with 13 other board members, were not consulted about the action taken by the seven-member management committee on Aug. 24.

In the newspaper article of Aug. 26 announcing the management committee's actions to the general public, one of the members said the committee "felt that this was the prudent decision to make to ensure the future success of the museum." Can one help but wonder about the future success of the museum without Steve Jansen? To many people, he is the museum.

Similarly, in the Journal-World editorial titled "Preserving History," there was a reference to dealing with financial problems that "could imperil this important community asset." Yes, it is a beautiful building. However, hiring "an administrator who's specifically gifted in grant writing and other managerial skills" seems like a poor substitute for communicating the museum's history to people.

Isn't it time for us to help preserve another important community asset Steve Jansen? To do this, some things that might be considered are: 1. Telephone Steve or a member of the advisory board to offer your support. 2. Pay a visit to the museum if you have never been. 3. Consider volunteering just once a month would help. 4. Become a member of the Douglas County Historical Society and an associate of the Watkins Community Museum of History.

Sue Leonard,


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