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September 5, 2001


They talked about his previous day's dinner of French fries, chocolate cake and a Frosty.

During the bandage changing, blood pressure check and other procedures the banter never stopped and Larry was always dealt into the conversation.

Hospice Care in Douglas County (843-3738)

Been in business for about 20 years Independent of health dept.

Hospice is associayt3d with visiting nurses assn

Hospice delivers care to a patient with limited life expencecy from multiple dimensions

nursing, spiritual, psyco-social task is social workers address anything family needs to manage care...conflice resoultions grief councesling one on one group....referrals to commiunity....volunteers are a huge part of our work they provide help out of the goodness of their heart

volunteer gave a massage once a week to jeanie to care for larry

basically anything they needs

tapped into a community hypno therapist reducing stress and anxiety by his techniques

biggest thing is to support the care givers the power behind the people who are 24 hour care givers doesn't matter

has to be a medical prognosis by a phuysician guesses who the life expectancy is limited to perhaps 6 months if a patient lives past 6 months if a dr certifies

every 6 months if there is a life expecentcy there is no real limit

medicare is one of the best models for hospice medicare pays for all of our services....medications related.....all supplies and equipment related to comfort at home

official diognosis. he was diognosed at the Keith Worthington


ALS association Keith Worthington chapter.

ALS clinic at Ku med center.


Nancy Lindquist support nurse

sept 2000 heart attack and hospice began.

Sept 2,000 hospice

referred by Dr. Jon Barr

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