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Victim settles mistaken-identity arrest, wants apology

September 2, 2001


— A $6,000 settlement headed off David Norman Dunlap's wrongful arrest lawsuit against a neighboring county, but he still wants someone to apologize.

Dunlap, 62, was arrested in January on an outstanding warrant from Pratt County. It turned out that authorities had the wrong man, but Dunlap spent three hours in jail and his arrest was published in the local newspaper.

Dunlap was arrested for allegedly submitting false information on a lifetime hunting permit application to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks in Pratt in 1991. But the David Norman Dunlap of Great Bend is not the same David Norman Dunlap who allegedly listed a phony Concordia address on the application.

Giving false information on a state permit can be prosecuted as a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the case, Pratt County Atty. Thomas Black said.

The court issued an arrest warrant, but the man was never found.

Then in January, when new Sheriff Vernon Chinn began clearing up outstanding warrants, a search of records at the Division of Motor Vehicles turned up a David Norman Dunlap in Great Bend.

The hunting application included a physical description, date of birth and age. That information, if available, would normally be included on an arrest warrant, but in this case it was not.

David Dunlap from Great Bend is 62, stands 6 feet tall, and has brown hair and brown eyes.

The man whom authorities were looking for is 10 years younger, three inches shorter, and has red hair and blue eyes, according to the permit application, said Dunlap's attorney, Martin Keenan of Great Bend.

Black confirmed in February that Dunlap was not the man wanted on the 1991 warrant and released him from further involvement in the case. Keenan threatened to sue both the county and Wildlife and Parks for more than $50,000.

Neither agency, nor the Barton County Sheriff's Department, which made the arrest, admitted any liability, Keenan said.

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