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Ticket justified

September 2, 2001


To the editor

In response to the letter complaining about receiving a parking ticket while unloading their freshman KU student, I offer this perspective. In my opinion, the law enforcement officers in the community are not nearly aggressive enough in enforcing the laws in general, let alone the traffic laws. How self-important these people think they are. The law doesn't apply to us because 1) we were dropping off our KU student, 2) we were only parked there for a short time 3) everyone else was doing it.

If issuing a ticket to a person clearly in violation of the law makes them feel unwelcomed, then I say let's make more feel that way.

Selective enforcement of the law, traffic or otherwise, leads to police abuse of power. If the law was important enough to put on the books, enforce it with diligence.

William H. James,


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