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Think ahead

October 29, 2001


To the editor:

Your honor, I object to the objection! Or, rather the "Objectivists'" objection to a person choosing to fast (front page Journal-World, Oct. 25). The fast was organized to raise awareness of starving people in another part of the world, and this group offered a cake in protest.

I'm reminded of an 18th century queen who, when told that the people had no bread, reportedly replied, "Let them eat cake!" The people who had no bread eventually organized, felled the queen's government and beheaded her.

It's true that we "have so much bounty in this country," but I submit that it might be time to stop basking in it. Let's give up our extravagant Parisian gowns (Ford Expeditions, SUVs, big pickups) and our expensive teas (Saudi and Kuwaiti crude). Maybe the peasants won't be so hot to take off our heads.

On the evening of Sept. 11, I saw a woman being interviewed in Washington. Between sobs, she asked, "What kind of a world do we live in?" I don't believe enough people in this country are going to realize it, but the world we live in is a fantasy world. The woman lived in suburban Virginia and commuted to D.C. every day. I suppose that she gets in her car frequently and goes to a department store, to Home Depot, to wherever and in her mind the only thing that could limit her consumption was her personal income (or credit card limit). That may be the kind of world she lives in, but the vast majority in this world don't.

I think far too many believe that the United States can continue devouring the world's resources at will, flaunt it, and if anyone disagrees we can respond like an aristocrat. Well, the peasants have taken up arms (and of course, the attackers must be punished), but it won't help us to increase their poverty. It could help us to act less like the queen and maybe we'll keep our heads.

Steve Pierce,


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