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KC postal employees urged to take anthrax tests

October 29, 2001


— Workers at two stamp distribution centers in Kansas City have been advised to take antibiotics as a precaution against anthrax, and about 50 workers have opted to have nasal swabs to test for the disease.

The postal distribution centers received mail and stamps from the Brentwood postal facility in Washington, which distributed anthrax-contaminated mail.

The steps are a precautionary, voluntary measure to protect the 200 workers at the Stamp Fulfillment Services center and the Stamp Distribution Center, both of which are located on Underground Drive in the Hunt-Midwest Subtropolis caves near Worlds of Fun.

Results from the nasal swabs should be available Monday, an official at the testing clinic said.

"We followed the guidelines of the CDC (federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), which recommended that until we get the facility tested that we have our people start taking medication," said Gary Stone, manager of the Stamp Fulfillment Services center.

"I honestly don't feel we have a problem," Stone added. "I just thought it was better to err on the side of caution. ... There is no reason for anybody to panic."

There were no reported cases of the disease or any symptoms among postal workers in Kansas City as of Friday afternoon, according to postal spokeswoman Terry Penland.

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