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Find screams on your screen

October 29, 2001


Halloween is on the way. And on the Web. Here are some sites for frights.

A working pumpkin clock is among the downloadable screen savers offered here. They even have decorative "stationery" for use as e-mail background.

Listen to Sir John Gielgud reading John Donne's "Death," or see the Simpsons Halloween segment with James Earl Jones reading Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven." The site also has Halloween music and classic scary movie scenes.

Internal Microsoft Corp. memos that detailed the company's fret-fest over free alternatives to its software were leaked during Halloween 1998.

House haunted? Evil clown in your closet? You may need to call the ghost busters at Hillhouse Investigations Inc. Its motto: "If you believe, then we believe."

There's a Halloween magazine? Sure. Features include advice on buying a fog machine, and directions for "An easy-to-build rotting corpse that the whole family can enjoy putting together." Yuck.

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