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Old home town - 100 years ago today

October 28, 2001


On Oct. 28, 1901, the headlines in the Lawrence Journal read "WOLVES CAUSE TROUBLE. The 'Varmints' Are Making Pigs and Chickens Scares in the Country." The Journal explained, "About 3 miles west of town, on the California road, the brutes have become very annoying and impudent. Almost every family in the neighborhood has lost chickens or pigs, or both, and an organized hunt is to be made for the wolves soon. Recently they carried off 25 turkeys and about 75 chickens from Mr. E.A. Smith's place [today between Monterey Way and Lawrence Avenue and Sixth and 15th streets] and killed one of his dogs at the barn. Other neighbors have suffered in the same way, and now it is proposed to get revenge. Trail and stag hounds will be brought in, and a grand wolf round up will take place."

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