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KU men seventh at league

Kansas women eighth as Buffaloes sweep

October 28, 2001


— Kansas University's men's cross country team placed seventh and the women eighth at Saturday's Big 12 championships.

Brent Behrens led KU's men with a 13th place finish. He completed the 8K course in 24:39.3. Katy Eisenmenger placed 18th for the women.

"I think we're capable of doing better, and we were expecting to do better," KU coach Stanley Redwine said of the men's effort. "It was tough though, if you look through the history of this meet, 147 points (KU's men's total) usually will give you a better placing than seventh."

Behrens was not impressed.

"It didn't go as well as we had hoped," said Behrens. "My goal was to finish in the top 15 and I raced for that. I got myself where I wanted to be in the second half of the race and it worked out all right in the end."

"Brent had a great race plan," said Redwine.

Pete Prince placed 27th, Mark Menefee 33rd, Chris Jones 34th and Charlie Gruber 41st.

Gruber was hampered by a sore back during the week leading up to Saturday.

"I got out quick, maybe too quick. I missed a lot of the last week of training which didn't help any. I just went out and did the best I could," Gruber said.

KU's women improved three places from a year ago.

"We're pleased, the ladies competed well," said Redwine. "We did much better than we did last year."

Leading the pack was senior Eisenmenger, who ran the 6K race in a personal best 21:40.4

"I felt really good today," said Eisenmenger. "I hoped to score somewhere in the 20s coming in and I ended up doing better than so I'm happy with my finish."

"Katy had a great race and really gave us some good leadership today," said Redwine. Following Eisenmenger was Diane Disher, who also ran a personal best ti me, in 27th place (21:51.7), Eve Lamborn in 41st place, Laura Lavoie in 43rd and Paige Higgins in 54th.

Overall, Jorge Torres and Molly Austin led Colorado to a pair of team titles.

Torres held off Colorado freshman Dathan Ritzehein by nearly 12 seconds to win his second 8,000 meter title.

He finished with a 23:35.3, beating Ritzenhein's 23:47.1. Edwardo Torres, Jorges' twin brother, took third.

It was the sixth straight Big 12 title for the Colorado men. The CU women won their fifth title in six years.


Team scores: Colorado 31, Oklahoma State 93, Texas A&M; 104, Baylor 106, Nebraska 136, Texas 138, Kansas 147, Kansas State 231, Missouri 246, Okalhoma 254, Iowa State 265, Texas Tech 346.

Top 10 finishers: 1. Jorge Torres, CU, 23:35.3. 2. Dathan Ritzenhein, CU, 23:47.1. 3. Edwardo Torres, CU, 24:12.7. 4. Juan DeBastos, A&M;, 24:19.8. 5. Mike Mwangong, ISU, 24:26.5. 6. James Bowler, NU, 24:30.2. 7. Kevin Barra, UT, 24:31.9. 8. Jason Woolhouse, OSU, 24:34.5. 9. Shadrack Kimeli, KSU, 24:35.1. 10. Matt Chance, BU, 24:39.5.

KU results: 27. Pete Prince, 25:10.2. 33. Mark Menefee, 25:16.1. 34. Chris Jones, 25:18.2. 41. Charlie Gruber, 25:23.2. 49. Brian Blachly, 25:33.0. 73. Luke Belford, 26:20.9. 74. Derec Lacio, 26:21.3. 81. Brian Raggett, 26:41.9.


Team scores: Colorado 33, Oklahoma State 75, Texas 115, Kansas State 130, Texas A&M; 140, Baylor 145, Missouri 166, Kansas 182, Nebraska 184, Texas Tech 207, Iowa State 313, Oklahoma 357.

Top 10 finishers: 1. Molly Austin, CU, 20:12.5. 2. Siri Alfheim, OSU, 20:22.4. 3. Amy Mortimer, KSU, 20:77.6. 4. Jodie Hughes, CU, 20:49.5. 5. Tara Moody, CU, 20:58.8. 6. Ann Marie Brooks, MU, 21:05.1. 7. Ann Gaffigan, NU, 21:10.5. 8. Marie Wilsson, OSU, 21:17.5. 9. Amanda Behnke, KSU, 21:18.2. 10. Kara Newton, BU, 21:19.9.

KU Results: 18. Katy Eisenmenger, 21:40.4. 27. Diane Disher, 21:51.7. 41. Eve Lamborn, 22:29.8. 43. Laura Lavoie, 22:31.9. 67. Courtney Deutsch, 23:10.5. 69. Megan Manthe, 23:13.4. 73. Lauren Brownrigg, 23:20.1. 83. Julie Mullally, 24:19.0.

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