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McLouth Honor Roll

October 27, 2001


McLouth Middle School announces students who made honors during the first quarter. Students who made the Gold Honor Roll earned a grade point average of 3.5 to 4.33. Purple Honor Roll students received a 3.0 to 3.49 GPA. Here's the honorees:

Eighth Grade

Gold Honor Roll

Bree Barker, Channing Clemons, Audrey Deeken, Jessica Lynn, Kevin Stewart and Emily Stoker.

Purple Honor Roll

Danielle Chapa, Cody Cook, Tiffany Cook, Joel Gill, Catherine Gunther, Blake Kingsolver, Holly Kitterman, Chris Latham, Devon Masqua, Jason McGhee, Heaven Mills, Devyn Roberts, Jimmy Steffey, Aquisha Thomas and Jonah Wise.

Seventh Grade

Gold Honor Roll

Sam Anderson, Andrew Booth, Amanda Cain, Kylie Campbell, Jake Eibes, Erin Heckard, Megan Howerton, Amanda Jantz, Trevor Keling, Rocky Keyes, Lance Lamborn, Spencer Lamborn, Brett Lundmark, Aaron Powell and Taylor Renfro.

Purple Honor Roll

Cecilia Canizales, Jason Holland, Rachael Holliger, Jaclyn Lash, Arthur Rollins, Ryan Saxton, Emily Showalter and Elizabeth Turner.

Sixth Grade

Gold Honor Roll

Vinny Brauer, Kelly Gerard, Leah Hoffhines, Candace Johnson, Brian Kabus, Kassidie Kramer, Ashley Logan, Steven Nowlan, Lee Smelser, Jesse Snyder, Mark Stewart, Hayden Swisher and Faith Williams.

Purple Honor Roll

Lauren Carey, Miranda Dugan, Sarah Durkes, Katie Harper, Anna Hollingsworth, Keith Kingsolver, Kaytlynn Marceaux, Nick Meyer, Michael Rome, Kyle Smith, Stacie Stauch, Axl Wickam, Sarah Woodhead and Todd Wools.

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