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Football rebuilding

October 27, 2001


To the editor:

I read with interest the letter from Curtis Knapp regarding passive KU football fans. He stated he was impressed by the noise the K-State fans generated and bemoaned the lack of enthusiasm from KU fans. He also argued that fan apathy is not the result of "bad football." He suggests that KU cut the football program.

Mr. Knapp, I feel your pain.

I was a student at K-State through the mid-80s. K-State football was a national laughingstock. I submit the K-State program was in worse shape than the KU program today. Thankfully, K-State didn't cut the program. Instead, the program was rebuilt. Now K-State has an exciting football program and, as a result, enthusiastic fans.

Football is entertainment. If you don't deliver the goods, audiences stop coming. Fan apathy is one result of bad football, but cutting the program won't produce enthusiastic fans. Good football will.

Todd L. Crenshaw,


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