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Passive fans

October 25, 2001


To the editor:

I'm a KU grad and a football fan, and I have a solution to the KU budget crisis: ax the football program. Most wouldn't miss it. I've been to many games and witnessed the apathy. Many show up late and the noise generated by the fans is utterly underwhelming. Someone might reply that this is the result of bad football. But this was true during the Glen Mason era as well, a time when we had some success.

I read not long ago that KU has averaged 30,000 fans throughout its history. I remember my bewilderment at several games, wondering if KU fans knew you were supposed to be loud during the opposing team's third downs or when we have the other team backed up against the end zone. I have been to K-State and Chiefs games and have been impressed by the noise.

Roy Williams was right on target when he complained of the "wine and cheese" crowd not long ago. That's what we have at KU, mainly in the alumni sections, where the golf clap is in vogue. Are we watching ballet? Fortunately, in Allen Fieldhouse, the students can make enough noise in a closed auditorium to be somewhat impressive. But in Memorial Stadium, the noise generated by the student section is absorbed by the sleeping alumni section. Just cancel the program. Save the money. The only game being played is the one where we pretend that we actually care.

Curtis Knapp,


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