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Marriage licenses

October 25, 2001


Douglas County District Court

Marriage licenses issued

Andrew Deiter II, 25, Lawrence, and Jessica White, 23, Lawrence.

James Houx III, 23, Folsom, Calif., and Geneva Ewert, 23, Lawrence.

Bryan Wohlgemuth, 22, Eudora, and Debra Lemmons, 26, Eudora.

Gregory Moore, 26, Lawrence, and Leigh Deverill, 29, Lawrence.

Michael Brian Douglas, 22, Topeka, and Renee Lynn Basaldua, 20, Topeka.

Michael Patrick Hayes, 35, Lawrence, and Kelly Kay Krehbiel, 29, Lawrence.

Andrew Jeremiah Elser, 24, Lawrence, and Heidi Lynn Wagner, 24, Lawrence.

Mark Bowden, 20, Lawrence, and Shawna Edgerton, 20, Lawrence.

Jeffrey Robert Miller, 25, Lawrence, and Shara Lynna White, 28, Lawrence.

Jason Travis Ingersoll, 24, Lawrence, and Karen Diane Schmidtberger, 27, Lawrence.

Kevin Gene Newman, 29, Lawrence, and Tyra Lynn Hawkins, 30, Lawrence.

Andrew Breuer, 22, Tonganoxie, and Kathleen Nowak, 20, Tonganoxie.

Patrick Scott Wheat, 28, Lawrence, and Erica Rachel Pashman, 27, Lawrence.

Steven A. Austin, 23, Lawrence, and Monica L. Garcia, 23, Lawrence.

Timothy Segraves, 23, Lawrence, and Shannon Hodges, 22, Lawrence.

Kevin Thompson, 21, Eudora, and Pamela Sager, 33, Eudora.

Brian Arthur Reid Jr., 25, Lawrence, and Heather Michelle May, 26, Oskaloosa.

Terje Ray Revenew, 23, Lawrence, and Misty Dawn Rohrig, 25, Lawrence.

Eric Cole, 29, Lawrence, and Linda Paul, 28, Lawrence.

Mitchel Drew Howard, 23, Lawrence, and Amber Dionne White, 24, Lawrence.

Jeremy Raye, 24, Lawrence, and Ianina Grigortchouk, 23, Lawrence.

Arthur William Davis IV, 28, Jackson, Mo., and Julie Kristine Howell, 29, Jackson, Mo.

Michael Kuchinsky, 44, Lenexa, and Heather Foley, 31, Lenexa.

Brian Daniel Palenske, 27, Lawrence, and Vanessa Nichoel McGinnis, 31, Lawrence.

Richard Paul Owens, 22, Tulsa, Okla., and Amanda Joy Dix, 18, Tulsa, Okla.

Ryan Berg, 25, Lawrence, and Amy Meeker, 25, Lawrence.

John Dunn, 44, Basehor, and Glenna Salerno, 43, Basehor.

Eric James Wagner, 22, Lawrence, and Katherine Ford Spano, 23, Lawrence.

Steven Amaral Santos, 24, Fort Riley, and Annelies Mar Joeke Helms, 23, Lawrence.

William McTaggart III, 34, Lawrence, and Emily Johnston, 31, Lawrence.

Villameriel Garcia, 31, Lawrence, and Barbara Kollmeyer, 34, Lawrence.

Steven King, 24, Lawrence, and Roxanne Bright, 31, Lawrence.

Derek Michael Presley Day, 24, Lawrence, and Amy Catherine Cox, 21, Lawrence.

Wade Brian Sterling, 25, Eudora, and Linda Kaye McCampbell, 23, Eudora.

Jimmy Baldwin, 27, Lawrence, and Amanda Wiliams, 19, Lawrence.

Eric Paul Lessig, 23, Lawrence, and Heather Ann Hart, 22, Lawrence.

Andrew Martin, 24, Lawrence, and Monica Corrales, 24, Lawrence.

Fernando Munoz, 36, Lawrence, and Shu Chun Huang, 27, Lawrence.

Juan Encinas, 33, Topeka, and Lorena Del Real, 25, Topeka.

Noah Johnson, 36, Lawrence, and Renee Pinto, 34, Lawrence.

Carl Alfred Bonewits, 21, Lawrence, and Bess Marie Han So Collene, 21, Lawrence.

Gordon Allen Longabach, 64, Lawrence, and Doris Josephine Ziegler, 62, Lawrence.

Cory Estes Smith, 20, Baldwin, and Jenny Elizabeth Hime, 20, Baldwin.

Ghassan Ali Atie, 27, Lawrence, and Aleshia Nicole McNish, 21, Lawrence.

Ryan Jae Spaulding, 34, Lawrence, and Ashley Susanne O'Neal, 25, Lawrence.

David Allen Jackson, 21, Tonganoxie, and Ariel Marie Somolik, 19, Tonganoxie.

Stephen Raymond Buren Jr., 36, Lawrence, and Darrah Anne Pontow, 26, Lawrence.

Matthew Lee Warren, 26, Lawrence, and Lori Elizabeth Holland, 31, Lawrence.

Bryan Jon Davis, 22, Lawrence, and Ginger Yvette Knight, 25, Lawrence.

Daniel Jonathan Harvey, 34, Lawrence, and Biljana Martinovic, 41, Lawrence.

Brian Charles Patterson, 25, Baldwin, and Michelle Lynne Renick, 24, Baldwin.

Todd Oshel Sr., 26, Lawrence, and Rebecca Miller, 26, Lawrence.

Ian S. Hurst, 31, Lawrence, and Hannah L. Rockhill, 26, Lawrence.

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