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Jane’s Addiction seeks to move fans at spiritual Jubilee 2001 tour

October 22, 2001


When Perry Farrell began working five years ago on a music festival grounded in spirituality, few were interested in his theological views. But that was before planes slammed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field.

Now, listening to Farrell discuss Jubilee 2001, which recognizes a 50-year cycle of redemption that began two weeks ago and will be celebrated for a year, it doesn't sound like religious rhetoric.

Farrell, who founded Lollapalooza, is bringing Jubilee, with Jane's Addiction and Nigerian musician Femi Kuti, to stages across the country. One dollar from every ticket will be donated to the Jubilee Foundation, a nonprofit organization Farrell co-founded to work with a variety of causes such as freeing slaves in Sudan.

Jane's Addiction's hybrid of rock, punk and metal predated grunge and soared with the charismatic Farrell on vocals in the late '80s. One of its biggest singles, "Jane Says," is still in heavy rotation on the radio, despite the group's 1991 breakup.

The band reunited in 1997 without bassist Eric Avery. The current lineup includes Farrell, original guitarist Dave Navarro, original drummer Stephen Perkins and bassist Martyn LeNoble. Farrell and Navarro released solo projects this year, but neither sees the Jane's reunion as competition.

Navarro said he'll do the tour with Jane's Addiction and then go back to promoting his album "Trust No One." Plus, he and Farrell are playing one song from their solo albums at Jubilee.

The latest Farrell project reflects his ongoing spiritual mission. These days, Farrell, who was raised Jewish, studies Kabbalah, Jewish mystical teachings that supposedly descended from an oral tradition that dates back to Abraham. Other Kabbalah followers include Madonna and Roseanne.

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