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Commuter Q & A

October 21, 2001


Q: What is the K-Tag lane at Kansas Turnpike terminals, and what happens if I accidentally get into it?

A: K-Tag is the Kansas Turnpike Authority's electronic toll system. A tag attached to the inside of a vehicle windshield allows motorists to enter or exit the turnpike through the K-Tag lane without stopping to pick up a ticket or pay.

If a motorist ends up in the K-Tag lane unintentionally, there is a short break in the barrier that allows motorists to "escape" into a cash-payment lane, said Lisa Callahan, KTA director of public relations.

However, it's also possible to enter the turnpike without a K-Tag, she said.

If motorists without a K-Tag get to a destination terminal without a ticket, Callahan said, they will be charged the maximum fare for the entire route $8.15. Those motorists can apply for a refund, Callahan said.

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