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October 20, 2001


Germany: Schindler's widow buried with honors

Representatives of Germany and Israel lauded the late Emilie Schindler on Friday, saying the attention paid to her husband's efforts to save Jews during the Holocaust overshadowed her own heroism.

Emilie Schindler, wife of the late Oskar Schindler, was buried Friday in the village of Waldkraiburg, in the German state of Bavaria. She died a week ago at a hospital in Strausberg, outside Berlin. The cause of death was not announced, but news reports have said she suffered a stroke. She was 93.

"Without Emilie Schindler, more than 1,200 Jews could not have been saved from a certain demise in the Nazi death camps," Christa Stewens, the Bavarian social affairs minister, said during a brief ceremony at the cemetery.

Vietnam: Priest sentenced to 15 years in prison

Vietnam sentenced a dissident Catholic priest on Friday to 15 years in prison on charges he undermined the country's unity and violated a detention order.

Vietnam's Communist government earlier rejected a U.S. request for the release of the priest, Thadeus Nguyen Van Ly, saying his arrest was purely a Vietnamese internal affair.

Ly had urged in testimony to a U.S. government committee in February that the U.S. Congress delay ratification of a bilateral trade agreement until Vietnam eases restrictions on religion.

His harsh sentence could speed up U.S. Senate action on a separate Vietnam human rights act that Vietnam's Communist Party has severely criticized.

London: British firm producing smallpox vaccine for U.S.

U.S. health authorities have turned to a little-known British company to speed development of its first batch of modern vaccines for smallpox, a fatal virus far more infectious than anthrax.

Acambis PLC won a $343 million contract in September 2000 to develop a smallpox vaccine for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. After the Sept. 11 attacks, the CDC boosted the order from 40 million doses to 54 million and urged Acambis to hasten development of the new vaccine.

The company now expects to have its first doses ready by 2002, two years earlier than originally planned.

Spain: Five Spanish climbers killed in Himalayas

Five Spanish mountain climbers have died in an avalanche in the Himalayas, officials said Friday.

They were part of a 10-man expedition trying to reach the summit of Mount Pumori, a 23,500-foot peak in Nepal.

The expedition leader said he had seen the five bodies at about 18,000 feet on Pumori.

All five victims were in their 20s, the Nepalese tourism ministry said.

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