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October 20, 2001


The Lawrence 99er Duplicate Bridge Club's Oct. 10 game was stratified and directed by Don Brennaman.

Winners were Barb Hamilton and Bill Hamilton, followed by Frances Vogel and Dorothy Arth. Chuck Hedges and Yvonne Hedges placed third, followed by Bebe Huxtable and Wanda Edmonds. Rhonda Montgomery and Eldon Herd placed fifth. Winners in the C session were Helen Fisher and Clarice Broz, followed by Emily Foster and Albert Ballard.

The Lawrence Duplicate Bridge Club's Oct. 15 game used the Mitchell movement and was stratified and directed by Virginia Seaver.

North South winners were Clyde Romer and Steve Phelps, followed by Sally Taylor and Shirlie Vaughn. James Gunn and Harry Shaffer placed third. The C session winners were Bill Hamilton and Barb Hamilton.

East West winners were Paul Heitzman and Virginia Seaver, followed by Judy Bevan and John Gilbert. Madelyn Jenks and Phyllis Brownlee placed third. Harry Talley and Don Daugherty placed second in the C session.

The University Bridge Club announces winners from its Oct. 13 games.

Winners in the women's division were Jean Whitaker, first; Roberta Lesh, second; Wilma Cropp, third; Freddie Nelson, fourth; and Jean Dunn and Jean Etherton, fifth.

Winners in the men's division were Roy Cropp, first; Warren Lesh, second; Lois Liebert, third; Bob Etherton and Ralph Dunn, fourth; and Donn Binns, fifth.

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