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ACLU atheists

October 16, 2001


Atheists and the ACLU go hand in hand. And I guarantee you that the ACLU will not be there in the end! It cannot save you from evil. But everyone has a right, in America, to believe in what you want to believe in. Just don't take our beliefs away from those of us who DO believe in a God.

I am proud of the president for mentioning God's name in his speeches; it makes me proud to be an American! This country was founded by men who were believers, and I think it is more than a coincidence that this country is so great; there is a higher power watching over us. I do not want to preach to anyone, but I just get sick to my stomach when I see the ACLU and non-believers getting so upset when someone mentions the word 'God'. It is not fair to us who want to live in a place where religion is prevalent and to be able to raise our kids in that condition.

I see a school in California is in trouble for having a "God Bless America" statement on a board outside of its school. This is NOT hurting anyone, and to those of you who do not want to see it, don't look. It is a comfort to those of us who do. I hope they continue to post that message! So for the ACLU and you atheists, maybe it should tell you something if you are being left out of certain circles in America. I know if you do not change your ways, you will be left out of another place someday; I hope that doesn't happen.

Matt Withers,


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