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Couple has 50s party for anniversary

October 13, 2001


During the anniversary celebration, the couple's son-in-law, Owen Buckley, Mission Hills, conducted a mock wedding ceremony. During the ceremony, Donna vowed that she wouldn't touch her husband's work bench. Meanwhile, Wayne vowed to let his wife spend as much as she wanted on Christmas.

Karen Thompson, Olathe; Barbara Bishop, Lawrence; Sheila Immel, Lawrence; and Lynn Buckley, Mission Hills, attend the '50s party, which was decked out with Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean cutouts. Thompson and Buckley are the daughters of Wayne and Donna Osness.

From left clockwise, Deena Simons, Lawrence; Patrick Osness, Denver; Karen Thompson, Olathe; Lynne Buckley, Mission Hills; and Cindy Peck, San Diego, strike a pose at their parents', Wayne and Donna Osness, 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

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