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THE MAG: Wake Up Call Poll

October 11, 2001


As a member of the Promise Keepers, does your wife accept you as the leader of the family, and what should be her role?

Brian CundifFort Leavenworth,military officer"Yes. She's told me that several times. She decided to stay home. I never told her to do that, but I'm glad she did."

Robert WhiteKansas City, Mo.,phlebotomist"Yes, my wife says OK. The Bible says that women are the help-mate. She's there to back me up. Even though I'm the head, it's a partnership. Men and women can never share the same role in the family. But I do believe women have rights."

Terry VoigtsbergerSpringfield, Mo.,auto business owner"My wife accepts. The woman's place is supportive, praying, household responsibilities. Men have this job too, but I'm out at work, so she does most of it."

Tyler JansenKansas City, Mo.,sales"Yes. The woman's role gets a bad rap a lot of times. They say women submit to your husbands, but it also says that husbands behave toward your wives as Christ behaved toward the church. Just because there are different roles doesn't make one role more significant."

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