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Pertinent memory

October 11, 2001


To the editor:

Just a personal footnote to John Hanna's story in Sunday's paper. It is from a letter written by my father, Orla Virgil Washler, a 1914 graduate of Purdue University who had come west to teach math and science in Cottonwood Falls. He was writing to Amy Bowen in Rossville, Ind., who would marry him and come to Kansas the following year.

On Nov. 3, 1914, O.V. wrote: "I wonder whether you are having elections in Indiana. Today was election day here. This is the first time the women have had the right to vote. I was sure amused at the way they came down the street going to the polls. They all wore big smiles just like a little chap wears when he blows his new whistle for the first time."

John Hanna wrote about Joseph Hooker Mercer of Cottonwood Falls not thinking highly of women's suffrage. Orla Virgil and Amy felt quite the opposite. I certainly disagree with Sen. O'Connor.

Barbara A. Curry,


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