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Make patriotic pins in red, white and blue

October 11, 2001


Children in America are finding lots of ways to support people hurt by the recent terrorists' attacks.

One way to show your support is by making and wearing patriotic pins.

Supplies you will need: assorted wooden shapes: circles, squares, rectangles, ovals, stars, teardrops; mini craft sticks; red, white, blue and flesh-colored acrylic paint; paint brush; white craft glue; jewelry bar pins; black felt-tip marker; and glitter (optional).

Paint an assortment of wood shapes in red, white and blue and allow time for them to dry.

Work with the different shapes and form various designs by layering them, one on top of another. When you find a design you like, glue the pieces together and let dry.

Make the "Uncle Sam" pin by gluing a red square on a flesh-colored circle. Place a red rectangle for a hat brim where the two meet. Glue a large white teardrop "beard" to the bottom of the circle and two small white teardrops on the large one for a mustache.

Paint a small blue star on the hat and add some glue and glitter to the brim. Make eyes and nose with a black felt-tip pen. Glue a jewelry bar pin to the back and let dry.

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