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ACLU defense

October 11, 2001


To the editor:

Jim Winn needs to be reminded that "the resurgence of patriotism and unabashed recognition of God..." does not excuse throwing out the law of the land and ushering in a new era of intolerance, and hiding that intolerance under a shiny new flag or the fashionable bashing of the ACLU.

The displaying of Christmas trees and the singing of carols celebrating the birth of Christ in schools or public buildings STILL violates the rights of people present who are not Christians, terrorist attack or not, patriotism or not, unabashed recognition of God or not.

Equating the ACLU with a terrorist organization is not only insulting and inflammatory, it is just plain ignorant. Mr. Winn: Read the Constitution if you want to be a patriot and quit trying to make people who care about their rights seem like the enemy. Fight the real enemy: ignorance and intolerance.

Jane Hoyland,


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