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Soccer ball brief

October 8, 2001


reported to authorities

A soccer ball covered with swastikas and anti-Semitic statements was found Sunday morning near the driveway entrance to the Jewish Community Center, 917 Highland Drive.

The ball was found about one hour before Sunday school started and was reported to the police, said Leiba Levine, principal of the religious school at the JCC.

Levine said she thought someone wrote on the ball as a prank.

"I think they saw it in the vicinity, wrote on it, and left it there," she said.

Some people thought the ball, which had "Kill all Jews" and "Hail Satan" written on it, could be a bomb, said parent Diane Whitten-Vile.

"It's primitive and it's weird, and it's probably just a prank, but we don't know for sure," she said.

Whitten-Vile said she thought children might be responsible and worried about how Jewish children are treated at school.

"Anti-Semitism is everywhere," she said. "People always hope that there is less of it in a place like Lawrence that prides itself on diversity. But anti-Semitism, even in this kind of primitive form, is alive and well in Lawrence."

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