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October 8, 2001


To the editor:

Based on the Journal-World's Sept. 26 story on the GOP nomination for governor, our office has received several inquiries believing we were endorsing candidates for the 2002 election. Because your story generated such interest, I would like to clarify Kansans for Life's position regarding the meeting referred to and any forthcoming endorsements.

Kansans for Life (KFL) has not asked Treasurer Shallenburger to enter the race and has not endorsed any candidate for governor. Based on our information, we do not believe all the potential pro-life candidates for governor have decided whether or not to enter the race. For that reason, it would be highly inappropriate for us to endorse any candidate as the standard-bearer for the pro-life movement at this early date.

There was a meeting held earlier this month at U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback's home in Topeka. KFL board members were invited to attend a meeting to discuss the 2002 elections.

Our interest in that meeting was to participate in a general discussion on elections but not specifically to promote any candidates. KFL's role is to ensure that the rights of the unborn and medically reliant are represented in the course of public debate. We will be vetting candidates very heavily to test their commitment to using the power of their office to protect the most defenseless in our society. Our supporters have grown very leery of candidates who campaign pro-life but do nothing once elected.

Kansans for Life remains committed to representing the views of the pro-life movement in the upcoming elections. When we are ready to endorse any candidates, these endorsements will come directly from us. As of this date, KFL has not endorsed any candidates for the 2002 election.

Joan Hawkins,

executive director,

Kansans for Life

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