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Pollard likes having Chenowith in camp

October 8, 2001


"He's a Jayhawk, but he's not a Jayhawk like I am. He's from Orange County area and I'm from a little further south, so he's a little different," joked Pollard, who hails from San Diego. Chenowith is a native of Orange.

"He was asking me a few things and I just said, 'Hey, work hard.' That was my ticket to success and that's the only reason I'm still in the league, I think.

"Hopefully, I'll be in the league for a while longer from working hard. But he's got some skills. He's got a nice shooting touch, so I tell him to be sure he's making his shots because that's one thing that he can do very well, and try to be a little bit more aggressive than he usually is -- he's a little bit soft sometimes - so I try to just tell him, 'Hey, keep working hard and be a little bit more aggressive and that's all you can do.'"

The Kings play their first exhibition game against Utah and ex-Jayhawk center Greg Ostertag Monday in Boise, Idaho.

Pollard told the Kings' web reporter it will be difficult for any free agent to make the team. Sacramento has brought in five big men. Three players can be kept on injured reserve.

"If I'm one of those guys, it would be very hard to think that, 'Hey, there's 20 guys here, at the most there's 15 spots.' Who knows if we'll keep past 12-- we've got 12 guarantees I think. So it is hard, and then on top of that there's a little bit of extra motivation for them to stay in America because some of the guys who get cut from the NBA, winter camp goes overseas, and right now it's a little bit more difficult to say, 'Oh, I'll just jump on a plane and go overseas and play if I don't make this team.' To me that's a little extra incentive to work a little harder and try to stay stateside for basketball purposes."

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