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October 7, 2001


l As is the case with current regulations, no construction would be allowed in the floodway, the channel that typically carries the stream of water.

l The floodway fringe would actually be an overlay to add to existing zoning. The fringe would begin where the floodway ends, taking up the rest of the 100-year floodplain.

l Development could take place on fringe lots that are already platted, but with some restrictions.

l Property within the floodway fringe may not be subdivided or lots split to create additional buildable lots.

l No more than 50 percent of the portion of a platted lot within the floodway fringe may be covered with impervious surfaces.

l Lots within the floodway fringe that are not currently platted are restricted to a series of open-space and agricultural uses. A detailed list can be found at

l Existing buildings within the floodway fringe can be rebuilt, but not expanded, if substantially damaged or destroyed.

l Property owners near small creeks and streams must have their property surveyed to determine the floodplain before developing the land.

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