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ACLU reign

October 7, 2001


To the editor:

Is it too much to hope that the events of the past two weeks, e.g., the resurgence of patriotism and unabashed recognition of God and His importance to this country, our devotion and our faith, as well as "flying the flag," that this may be the end of the ACLU's apparently unstoppable "reign of terror" upon such a huge majority of our citizenry?

Can we possibly hope that the Ten Commandments can be openly displayed in courthouses, public offices and, most importantly, schools? Can we hope that Vespers will be about the joy of Christmas, as opposed to being neutered by the ACLU threats of lawsuits and the feckless but understandable submission by our leaders and administrators because of the huge cost of defending? Can we hopefully see Christmas trees and decorations and carols and hymns sung to the glory of the Christmas season, both in our primary, high and college-level schools, as well as our courthouses and public buildings?

The ACLU, as I have said for years has, because of all of its money, been the equivalent of a terrorist and extortionate organization. I pray that, for the benefit of all of us but most assuredly our grandchildren, that this lamentable era in our lives will disappear.

Jim Winn,


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