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10-7 Would Lawrence benefit from a transit system…?

October 7, 2001


Darrah Buren,

ad traffic coordinator,


"It could be a benefit for the people of both communities, but it wouldn't have an impact on me or my daily life."

Jesse Anderson,

sales clerk,


"I don't think I'd really benefit from it at all. I don't think the 32nd Street alignment would be a good place for it."

Courtney Walker,

Avila student,


"I think it would be a good thing, because the people who travel is a great number, and it could also increase the tourism into Lawrence."

Lynette Patocka,

KU graduate,


"There is a lot of traffic between here and Kansas City. There are a lot of students and a lot of people who want to live in a small town but need the jobs in Kansas City."

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