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KCI on high alert following attacks

October 1, 2001


— Security remained heavy at Kansas City International airport on Sunday, bringing praise from some travelers but causing three musicians from India to miss a flight to Syracuse, N.Y.

Art Faunce, a skycap, watched as authorities scrutinized the identification of the three Indian men at the US Airways ticket counter. Since curbside check-in was banned after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Faunce has been moved inside and now searches checked baggage before it goes onto a plane.

"They fit the profile," he said of the musicians, whose oddly shaped bags contained their instruments. "They'll probably miss their plane. That's the price they pay for being in the country. If you have an out-of-USA passport, you have to expect to be detained and miss an airplane or two."

Rahul Sharma, 29, of Bombay, India, and the two other men walked outside and waited to catch a shuttle bus to another terminal for a later flight.

Sharma worried that his group might miss a concert scheduled Sunday night in Syracuse. The Indian musicians have been touring the United States and Sharma said they have taken five or six flights since the attacks.

"It's OK," he said. "Sometimes it happens. Things are not good in this country. There's lots of innocent people. It's all part of the game. People are angry. I understand."

Elsewhere on the concourse, airport security asked Jane Cary of Richmond, Va., for her identification as she reached a metal detector.

"Oh, my goodness, again," said Cary, who had been in Kansas City, Kan., to see the newest member of her family a 3-week-old great-granddaughter. Her bags had already been checked out by security officials, as had the trunk of her son's car.

Cary said she wasn't too nervous about flying.

"I'm not even thinking of it," she said. "Nothing is going to happen."

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