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Freedom of expression

October 1, 2001


To the editor:

In response to a political cartoon on page 6B of the Journal-World, Friday Sept. 21, I hope the cartoonist, Marlette, is displaying his/her flag. It represents the freedom of expression displayed in that particular cartoon. It pictured Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Osama Bin Laden joining together in a round of "Give Me That Old Time Religion."

Perhaps the cartoonist should have added his/her own picture and made it a quartet since the cartoonist was standing in judgment of the other three and thereby certainly no better than the other three. Even so, that flag still has not fallen and still represents that cartoonist's right to express contempt by suggesting radicalism among the other three.

There is one difference I would like to point out to the cartoonist. If such a cartoon would have been published in a city controlled by the Taliban, the cartoonist would probably be headless by now. In this country, the cartoonist need not worry about a reprisal for such expression, that is, if he/she can avoid Osama Bin Laden's American hit squads. So far, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell have no record of such reprisals.

Roger Sprecher,


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