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Bite into shark sites

October 1, 2001


Shark attacks have been making the news. While people wonder whether it's safe to go in the water, we put a toe into the Web to see how sharks are faring there.

Ichthyology is the study of fish. Though the latest shark attacks do not seem to be listed here, the site's Shark Attack File examines 3,200 attacks from the 1500s to the recent past. We learned of three categories of shark attack, not one of them pleasant: the hit-and-run, the bump-and-bite and the sneak attack.

Basically, stay out of the water.

Hundreds of links to shark stuff all over the Web are listed here, including places to buy shark-obilia, such as posters and teeth.

The rash of shark attacks prompted People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to withdraw an untimely billboard campaign that asked: "Would You Give Your Right Arm to Know Why Sharks Attack? Could It Be Revenge? Go Vegetarian." Here's the group's explanation.

Those wily Russians have built a scary attack helicopter whose body resembles a shark. We note that it is equipped with a helicopter first: a "rocket-assisted ejection system" that allows the pilot to escape at all altitudes and speeds.

Ariel, the Disney mermaid, is being chased by a jaw-snapping shark in this online game. The hapless heroine is also susceptible to electric eel shocks. Is this good for children?

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