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November 29, 2001


Hitting the slopes

The Running Man is getting his own run.

Sun Valley Resort in Idaho is renaming a ski run "Arnold's Run" after muscleman and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who owns a home nearby. Previously, the short mogul field carried the less-than-manly moniker, Flying Maid.

Until now, the only runs named for people have gone to three of Sun Valley's Olympic medalists; Gretchen Fraser, Christin Cooper and Picabo Street; and former resort owner Bill Janss.

Schwarzenegger, the 54-year-old star of such films as 1987's "The Running Man," has led the Christmas Eve torchlight parade down the mountain for several years. But besides that, it's a mystery how the name change came about.

"All I know is that Wally told me to do it," said Sun Valley Marketing Director Jack Sibbach, referring to resort General Manager Wally Huffman. "Why they didn't call it 'The Terminator,' I don't know. People may forget who Arnold is one of these days, but they'll always know 'The Terminator."'

Heated debate over film

Residents and officials are fired up about Eminem's plans to burn down a house during the filming of his untitled movie.

The rapper's request comes with a pledge to demolish three vacant homes, a $2,000 donation to a Highland Park, Mich., charity and a lecture to high school students about the movie business.

But these gestures failed to appease about 50 residents who protested the blaze Tuesday.

Highland Park's emergency financial manager, Ramona Henderson Pearson, said she supports the fire. She has the final say on whether the house will burn, The Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press said.

Council members in Highland Park are mostly opposed to the fire. They held an emergency meeting Tuesday to discuss the issue and approved, 4-0, a nonbinding resolution opposing the filming.

DUI conviction

Country singer Trace Adkins was sentenced to two days in jail and won't be able to drive for a year after pleading guilty in Franklin, Tenn., to drunken driving.

Adkins admitted Monday that he violated the open container law and was speeding when a police officer pulled him over in early July.

The officer said he stopped Adkins for driving 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. The singer said he was returning home from his farm in neighboring Rutherford County.

The sentence is the minimum for drunken driving in Tennessee.

Keeping out of jail

Rebecca Gayheart pleaded no contest to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter for the death of a 9-year-old boy she struck with her car in June.

The former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star wiped away tears as Superior Court Commissioner Gary Bindman sentenced her to three years of probation, suspended her license, imposed a fine and ordered her to produce a safe-driving video.

With the plea, Gayheart, 29, avoided a possible jail sentence.

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