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In the halls

November 29, 2001


"Mainly because I play sports. It helps me out with football and keeps me away from injuries."

Ryan Engel, 16 years old, sophomore

"I play sports, and I always want to be stronger than the opponent. You have to have more strength, more speed and more agility than the other guy. Plus it feels good being in shape."

Tyler Horken, 18 years old, senior

"Chicks dig it."

Alicia Waymaster, 15 years old, sophomore

"Because I really want to stay in shape for track. I'm also a cheerleader, so I need to stay in shape so no one gets hurt."

Hallie Fitzgerald, 17 years old, senior

"I stay in shape to be involved in athletics. I think it's important for all the different type of health issues in the world today, like heart disease."

Oliver Simmons, 18 years old, senior

"I think it's important to your mental health to be somewhat physically fit, but I think it's more important to exercise your mind."

Darianne Hicks, 17 years old, senior

"It's definitely important. It keeps you healthy and energized. I like to keep in shape to feel better."

Hsin Yen Ou, 15 years old, sophomore

"It's fun. We get to exercise for our health and ourselves and play with other people."

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