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November 26, 2001


Verizon Wireless introduces V200 communicator

Verizon Wireless and Motorola Inc. recently introduced the V200 Personal Communicator. The device combines a wireless phone, a speakerphone, a PC-like keyboard for two-way text messaging, a WAP (wireless application protocol) browser for Internet access and wireless e-mail.

Company officials say the V200 is the first device to combine phone and text with a QWERTY keyboard, letting customers talk or type messages without carrying more than one device.

The V2000 costs $199.99 and requires subscription to a Verizon wireless service, in addition to charges and monthly fees. Through Jan. 31, 2002, new users who activate a monthly digital price plan of $35 or higher receive unlimited text messaging and Internet alerts through February 2002. After the promotional period, customers will pay various fees to send and receive messages, plus monthly service charges.

Zoo Tycoon: It's all about happy animals, zoo patrons

Plenty of games let you run a city or steer an empire through history. Microsoft's new Zoo Tycoon pits your managing skills against a menagerie of apes, reptiles and visitors.

The game lets you control all aspects of zoo management: ticket prices, exhibit construction and park maintenance, to list a few.

You'll spend most of the time tweaking animal habitats to suit their native environments. A little grassland here, some palm trees there it never ends.

The $34.95 game excels as an educational resource: Once you adopt from among 40 animal species, you'll need to learn about social structures, dietary requirements and habitat preferences.

Minimum system requirements are modest: A PC with a 233 MHz processor and 32 megabytes of RAM for Windows 95/98/ME. XP users will need a minimum of 128 MB.

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