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Commissioners to study redistricting

November 26, 2001


Bottom Line

County commissioners will conduct a study session at today's meeting to review three proposals on how commission districts could be redrawn to make them equal in population.

Commissioners previously have narrowed the number of redistricting options from seven to three. The remaining proposals are similar in that in each Jere McElhaney's 3rd District shrinks in geographical size, while Bob Johnson's 2nd District and Charles Jones' 1st District grow.

In all three proposals, parts of the eastern portion of Wakarusa Township would be moved out of the 3rd District and into the 2nd District.


County officials received census numbers in September that show adjustments will need to be made to all three districts.

Based on census numbers, commissioners will need districts of roughly 33,320 people to create three equal districts, the constitutional mandate.

The 3rd District currently is approximately 4,200 residents above that total, while the 2nd District is roughly 2,400 residents below the mark. The 1st District is about 1,800 residents short.

Other business

Consent Agenda

Consider commission orders

Consider notices to the Township Boards for cereal malt beverage applications: Clinton Marina, 1329 E. 800 Road; Jerk Water Grill, 1329 E. 800 Road; Eudora Riverview Golf, 2102 N.1500 Road; Gilded Cage, 2229 N. 1400 Road; Flamingo Catering, 1616 E. 1550 Road; The Bird of Lawrence, 1616 E. 1550 Road; Midland Farm Store, 1401 N. 1941 Diagonal Road; Clinton Cove Mini Mart, 1423 E. 900 Road; Baldwin Junction, 1253 N. 300 Road; Zarco, 647 E. 1250 Road.

Regular Agenda

Consider a variance to road frontage requirement from Chuck Adcock.

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