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November 21, 2001


To the editor:

I was driving yesterday from my home in west Lawrence to south Iowa Street on the completed south bypass, enjoying the lack of stop lights and signs. It came to me that the radical environmentalists obstructing completion of the bypass are, as they often do, missing another, perhaps more important, environmental point.

Driving such a road uses much less fuel and causes much less air pollution than fighting the 23rd Street traffic signals. My car gets about 28 miles to the gallon on such a road and only about 16 on a street with stops. We've all seen exhaust fumes pour out when a truck or bus starts from a stop; it happens with cars, too, but on a lesser scale.

It seems to me that this important fact in favor of the south bypass more than balances the environmentally neutral (at least long term) replacement of one wetland created from farmland by another.

Richard Moore,


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