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November 21, 2001


Afghanistan: Girls to start school today

The governor and the men in charge of education since last week in Jalalabad have a radical, back-to-basics philosophy about schools.

They will allow girls to attend.

"As of tomorrow, all girls can come," Gov. Abdul Kadir said Tuesday at a meeting at the Education Ministry for the eastern part of the war-torn nation.

Girls' schools that were closed under the Taliban will reopen. Female teachers who were sent home in 1996 will go back to the classroom, officials promised.

"Islam is not against women being educated," the governor said. "Islam says whatever education you provide for men you should provide for women too. It's the right of both."

Pakistan: Last Taliban consulates shut

Pakistan ordered the Taliban on Tuesday to close its last two consulates, saying they were unnecessary after the collapse of Taliban rule in most of Afghanistan.

On Tuesday, Pakistan summoned the Taliban Ambassador Abdul Salam Zaeef to the Foreign Ministry and ordered him to close consulates in the northern city of Peshawar and in Quetta in southwestern Pakistan, Foreign Ministry spokesman Aziz Ahmed Khan told reporters.

The Taliban embassy in the capital Islamabad will be allowed to operate until an interim Afghan government is established, he added.

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