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Vigilante traffic calming

November 21, 2001


To the editor:

Mark Desetti, in his fine letter (J-W, Nov. 15), asks for suggestions on how to reduce speeding on our residential streets. I'm all for roundabouts and even speed bumps to "calm" such traffic. An additional method I have practiced lately might be called "vigilante traffic calming." Once or twice a day I drive Louisiana Street from 19th to 31st streets. I drive at the posted speed limit or even a little under that limit.

For a few hours each day, traffic congestion slows the traffic. But when the congestion eases, many drivers speed the short distances from one stoplight or stop sign to the next. Then it is time for the vigilante traffic calmer.

Poking along at the speed limit, I calm the vehicles behind me. Sometimes I gather behind me quite a following of law-abiding vehicles. Oddly, this does not calm the drivers' tempers. I cannot, or course, be out there all the time. Perhaps some other vigilantes will take a turn now and then.

Roy E. Gridley,


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