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Taxpayers: Speak up!

November 21, 2001


To the editor:

I read the article in the Nov. 7 Journal-World ("Task force wants tax money for open space, industrial sites," page 1A) with great interest and greater disgust. Fifty dollars from every taxpayer to buy industrial and open land for the county? The county commissioners and Lawrence Chamber of Commerce must stay up at night to come up with some of these idiotic ideas. It's about time they get off the taxpayer's back and get their hands out of our pockets. If some individual or company wants industrial land or open space, let them pay for it. The taxpayers get the short end of the stick, and the middle man gets rich. The elected and appointed officials of Douglas County say it's good for the county, but the taxpayers get the shaft.

And the county wants $100,000 to spend on a staff of people to figure out how to rip off the taxpayers in a timely manner?

The question is, which of their friends or relatives needs a job this time? Different commissioners, same song and dance. Taxpayers need to speak up.

Robert Lemon,


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