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Bill O’Reilly a factor in Limbaugh challenge

November 21, 2001


— Even as Rush Limbaugh told his radio audience Monday that he has lost the rest of his hearing, sources confirmed Bill O'Reilly of Fox News Channel is serious about setting up a competing show.

O'Reilly is said to be in talks with Westwood One about a syndicated radio show that could air middays, when Limbaugh has the most listened-to talk show in the U.S. Westwood One is part of Infinity, which owns six stations in New York.

None of the parties had any official comment Monday.

O'Reilly is already hip-deep in controversy after his "warning welcome" last week to new colleague Geraldo Rivera, hired by FNC as a war correspondent.

O'Reilly, echoing some FNC viewers, said Rivera bore the stain of Clinton-loving liberalism and needed rehabilitation. An FNC spokesman said the network would have no comment on the Rivera matter.

Limbaugh on Monday told his audience that he'll get a cochlear implant and would know by January how much hearing he can regain.

And whether he'll be hearing some new voices in competition.

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